A message and special invitation from the Lamplighters below. If this is of interest to anyone, please hit me up and let me know you’d like to spearhead the wrangling of the clowns, and the completion of the volunteer forms.

Greetings Fellow Theme Camp!

My name is Joc Strap and I am a volunteer coordinator/liaison for the Lamplighters. For the past 30 years, we have been in charge of lighting the main thoroughfares of Black Rock City each night of the event; leading a procession from center camp out into the city, installing lanterns on spires as we go. Even in the virtual years of 2020/2021, Lamplighters around the world lit lamps in their default communities during burn week to keep the tradition alive. In celebration of our 30th year lighting Black Rock City, we are extending a special invite to theme camps to join us. Let us pour you a drink, cheers the theme camps that make BRC and participate in this long standing Burning Man tradition of Lamplighting with your campmates & friends.

Please extend this invite to your entire camp and come light lamps together! All ages and abilities are welcome and encouraged to participate. We have an early sign up form here that is just for theme camps. Normally, we take volunteers on a first come first serve basis but we want to make sure that you and your camp group are able to be on the same night/route together, choose what part of the city you light and get photos together. Speaking of photos, our resident camp photographer, Hugslut, will be hanging out to take some fancy photos of your group as a memento for you. In addition, you are also invited to the pre-lamplighting party in our lounge from 3-5pm (2-4pm on Burn night). Each day is a different theme/playlist/beverage and we’d love to have you relax in our shade and enjoy a beverage before the Lamplighting starts.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to know more details about participating. We hope to host you and your camp to celebrate our 30th year!

Hugs and Dust,