Seeking a camper who has an overwhelming desire to be our Consent Beducator for 2023. Is consent your jam? Do you want to educate your fellow Red Nose campers on the art of consent at Burning Man? Want to help us make Red Nose District a safer and more thoughtful place to be on playa? Then check out the information below and respond to this email so we can get you set up!

They are requesting we have one consent person register with B.E.D, so please respond to me here so we can coordinate in case there’s multiple folks interested. Please do not just sign up on your own.

Has your camp been BEDucated for Burning Man 2023?

Calling all theme camp trailblazers! Get ready to spice up your camp experience with the ultimate BEDucator Program! Appoint a camp member or lead to become your camps BEDucator by taking our gifted online course. Then, BOOM!! They become your very own consent connoisseur, equipped with the skills to help you create a rockin’ consent policy for your camp. Our gifted online course will prepare your camp to handle any “oh no, they didn’t” moments before they even happen. Let’s take care of each other and turn your camp into the consent champions of the playa! Can we get a HELL, YES?!

BED has gone virtual! We’ve adapted to using our online tools to gift the message of Enthusiastic Consent. Usually, a BED representative will come to your camp during Burning Man to gift a BED Talk. Our reach can go so much further by training more volunteers starting with your camp! Create your camp’s unique consent policy, or adopt ours, and tell your camp what it is at Burning Man to show we care about safe spaces.