Alrighty, people!

Pack your earplugs, because we’ve been placed at Esplande & 2:15! Thank you to all our organizers who helped get our placement application in, and for all 2022 campers that kept us in good standing. Camp will be roughly the same square footage as last year, so no surprises there.

Thank you to everyone who got their names on the Roll Call sheet (link included below). If you are coming and have not added your name to the sheet, please do so ASAP before I start recruiting other people to join us to get us to the 150 spot. I would hate for you to lose your turn because you didn’t read your emails.

There is a column in the Roll Call Sheet that asks if you are interested in arriving early to build (early means on Tuesday, August 22 – except for those campers who I’ve talked to about arriving Monday). If you are interested and have not yet added your name to the Roll Call sheet, I advise you to do ASAP, as Placement will be letting us know our allotment of worker access passes in the next week. This is much earlier than in years past, and will allow us to see how many passes we have before filling spots. As a reminder, speciality spots (those campers responsible for layout, tent stake line, rigging, things that require technical skill, etc.) will be filled first. For the remaining spots (general helpers who we also need and adore), we will be drawing names out of a hat from campers who indicated they were interested ON THE ROLL CALL SHEET.

Have a great weekend, RND, and can’t wait to get more things rolling and grooving over the next few weeks!