We’re taking roll call for 2023! I know there are a lot of you who are already active and planning, but we need your names down in one single sheet so we can get budgeting and get rolling (financially)!

Sheet Instructions

  1. Get in touch (or check your email from May 30) to get the link to our Google Sheet that everyone has permission to edit. If you’re not Google-inclined, please reach out to another camper who is to help you input your information appropriately.
  2. You will see that row 1 and row 2 are “locked”, meaning you will need to input information in rows 3 and beyond. Row 1 has the questions we need answered, and Row 2 is where I provided my answers as an example.
  3. Find the first blank row available, input your information, and prepare yourself to send additional information regarding mapping/camping once we know our placement.
  4. A couple etiquette things – do not type over anyone else’s information, do not type your personal information in row 1 (the one with the questions), and do not modify the sheet in any way except to input your information in one of the blank rows.


Emails will be coming out more rapidly from this point on, and many will have “To Do” items within. Please make sure you’re reading the information we’re sending, and we’ll make sure not to spam you with extra words.

We should be notified of our Placement in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for your address! Please remember that we are not guaranteed to be next to any particular camp or on the Esplanade, so please be mentally and emotionally prepared to adapt if needed.

Once we get a better idea of the numbers we’re looking at for campers, we will be sending out shared cost tiers and information for this year. The sooner we can start collecting, the better we’re able to plan financially, so pretty please get your info (and remind your fellow campers to do so as well) on the Roll Call sheet.

A couple of fabulous campers have stepped off and offered to take on running the Slack Channel, so info and invites coming soon.

We will also be setting up a Google Folder that all campers will have access to, that shall include handy information like sign up sheets (for chores, lessons, etc.), our daily schedule on playa, and more. All document links will also be sent via email, but we wanted a central, accessible location that might work better than combing through old emails for links.

If you have guests that you are wanting to include in camp, and you have not yet connected us, please do so via email first before randomly adding people to the Google Sheet link above.

As always, comments, concerns, feedback, questions, praise and more are always welcome, so don’t hesitate to send them our way.

More info coming soon. Smooches to you all.