A quick one for your reading pleasure!

Shared Costs

We need them NOW. If you need to make payment arrangements, please get in touch ASAP so we can count you as present, participating, and ready to ride. Otherwise, get off your arses and send us your dough so that we can get ACCURATE COUNTS for our map. The time is now. Actually, the time was last week, so get your poop in a group, pretty please.


Here are ALL THE SIGN UP SHEETS and ways that we NEED YOU to participate in camp:

If you’re having trouble accessing the folder, please let me know. Otherwise, go in there, look for an open shift for anything of your choosing, and put your name in the corresponding box. If there are things you are interested in doing or trying, but you don’t know how, put your name in the box and we will teach you during your shift. We welcome and invite campers learning new things, and we would be overjoyed to see increased participation in the actual circus stuff that we’re doing, and not just our bartending shifts being immediately filled. 90% of camps on playa have a bar. We stand out because we have bars that support stilt walking, live circus shows, and more. Help us make this happen. Again, WE WILL TEACH YOU HOW, so if you have an inkling of curiosity, put your name in the box.


Get your shared costs contributions in IMMEDIATELY

Get your arses over to the sign-up section of our shared drive (tap the button above) and put your names in open boxes for chores, show security, stilt lessons, aerial harness lessons, bar shifts (like Wednesday night, which is completely unstaffed), and let’s get to it!