What: RND Lamplighters shift
When: Thursday August 31th, 5pm-7pm
Who: 25 Red Nosers — tap the button below to sign up
Where: Our route starts at Center Camp, follows the esplanade out to RND


For 30 years, the Lamplighters have hung lanterns at sunset along the esplanade and paths to man. Each night, over 150 volunteers distribute 900 lanterns in a ritualistic march wearing hand painted lamplighter robes. RND has been given a shift this year, where 25 of us will work together to light the esplanade from center camp up to 2pm (right next to RND!).

How it works

At 5pm, we check in at Lamplighter camp located directly behind center camp at 6pm. They will instruct us how to fill, light and stage our lanterns. Then their ‘robetenders’ will outfit us with their special robes. Then we set out to light our route along the esplanade, about 1 mile long.

There are three positions on each route (carrier, lifter & support). There are the most carrier positions, then lifters and then support spots:

1) Carrier – They set the pace, walking slowly & methodically while carrying a yoke holding 10 lanterns. It’s about 60lbs/27kg supported on your shoulders and nape. It obviously gets lighter as the route goes on and lanterns are removed.

2) Lifters – Carefully remove lanterns from slowly walking carriers and hang them on a 12ft tall spire with a long pole repeatedly with a little hustle.

3) Support – Each route only needs a few support people. Their duty is to keep the procession safe from bikes/art cars. Keep lanterns lit. If a carrier is having a hard time, have the lifters remove their lanterns first.

This should be a particularly fun route for RND because we will be able to pass all our esplanade neighbors from center camp, and we’ll end our route in the middle of the High Chair Bar Happy Hour that night, meeting up with the rest of our clowns for a grand ol’ camp throwdown, robes and all.

But…but…I want MORE party:

Oh, flinging around flaming lanterns and then crashing our own happy hour with your fellow clowns isn’t enough juice for you? Alright, well the Lamplighters have you covered. Thursday starting at 3pm the lamplighters are holding a “Ginger Appreciation Party” at their camp. So you can go and appreciate you some gingers and drink lamplighter cocktails straight up until the shift.