Like to teach? Want to help the citizens of Black Rock City try new things? Do you desire to be the catalyst for helping people realize their circus dreams? Then let’s get you signed up to help support our stilt and aerial harness lessons happening Monday-Friday from 1P-4P under the big top!

Aerial Lessons

For aerial harness, you can sign up as a ground or a counter. As a ground, you’ll help folks get harnessed in safely and correctly, teach fliers how to signal up and down cues, and assure that they land safely on the platform. Counters will climb (slowly, no shenanigans required) up and down the ladder to lift and lower lesson participants as they cue you. Training for all campers interested in signing up for aerial harness shifts will be during our Monday 1P-4P lesson time.

Stilt Lessons will be happening Monday-Friday from 1P-4P. Information about different roles and needs for these below.

*On Wednesday, lessons stop times will be changed to 3:30P in order to get cleaned up and ready to go for the 4P Playa Pops performancing happening under the Big Top*

Stilt Lessons

Want to do something SUPER FUN and participatory?  Pick a day and come join us for silly fun and magic moments for our Stilt Walking lessons.

Teachers:  Are you a stilt walker looking to hone your teaching skills?  Join us for a day!

Helpers:  You do not need to know how to stilt walk to help out.  Come have fun, learn something new, and by the end of the lesson, you will likely be able to strap on a pair, get Legally High, and then join us at the stilt High Bar for happy hour.

Lessons are M-F, 1-4 p.m. 

You can pick just one day, or more if you like!


2 teachers, 4 helpers, 1 “wrangler”  

Teachers & Helpers:  1-4 p.m.

Wrangler:  12:30 – 1 (30 min, to help bring equipment from shipping container to circus tent.)

We are also looking for an additional camper who would be interested in assisting Burgundy with stilt lesson coordination!