Hey camp! We could use some help. My name’s art. If any of you remember steampunk saloon, i was the lead designer/art director for that project (i also did the mega mega billboard, lots of stuff for thunderdome, et al).

i’m tasked with re-decorating the big top bar this year. Attached is a rough sketch i did for what i have in mind.

Here’s the sketch.

The concept is late 1800’s weird curio & snake oil cabinet. We won’t get to bring the full concept to life this year (because there were some other expenses in the budget that took precedence…like a new generator), but i’m hoping with your help, maybe we can do something without having to spend anything, or just a little — and maybe we can make something that’s just 5% of the way there this year? then build it up gradually over the next few years — and eventually get all the way there.

Here’s where we’re at, and here’s how you can help.

We’ve secured an awesome antique shelf, and have a camper ready and willing to strip and refinish it. i need to source deco for those shelves. If anyone has anything along the lines of:
  • old bottles
  • vials
  • chem lab equipment
  • vintage medical stuff
  • snake oil
  • skulls
  • crystals
  • jars of random stuff like herbs, rocks, shells, bones, teeth, nails, doll parts, eye balls, animal fetuses, etc
  • bizarre antiques
  • strange old-timey stuff
  • creepy witchy stuff
  • anything sufficiently weird in this vein

… please let me know. We will take it as a donation or loan. Just keep in mind if it is a loan, this is Burning Man … you know what that entails. If it’s too valuable to you, just keep it.

Email me directly, subject line “red nose bar”. i’ve also created a “bar deco” channel in our slack if you wanna just message me there (search for the channel if you don’t see it). You can also post pics of what you have there.  Feel free to ask me any questions.