That’s right campers!
Paychecks (hopefully) coming in in the next few days, and that means it’s (past) time to get your shared costs in! We only have about half the campers we know are coming accounted for in the money department, so pretty please make this happen ASAP. If finances are a challenge right now, and you need to work out a payment plan or something with us, please respond to this immediately¬†so that we can make sure you’re accounted for. Shared costs email went out again last week, and I’ll include the info at the bottom of this one again.
In the meantime, we need your camping information! Who you are, what you’re camping in, who you’re camping with and so forth. For those of you who have contributed your shared costs already, you would have received the below link in your welcome/confirmation of costs received email. We need these back by August 5th, or you will go where we stick you, and with you we stick you with. Choices and options are always preferred, so pretty please (if you have not already) complete the form here.
From this point until you hit playa, we will be slinging information at you on the daily (or several times daily depending on when I can squeeze them in). STAY ON TOP OF YOUR EMAILS FROM RED NOSE DISTRICT. Important things headed your way like bar shift sign ups, volunteer opportunities (ie. chore shifts) for front and back of house, lesson sign ups, acculturation chats (went out last night – for veterans and virgins alike), stilt bar theme idea collection, and more.
Get your $ in, your camping questionnaire responses in, keep a close eye on your emails, and let’s get this thing moving!
heather laurie