Fellow Clowns-
Dropper here. I’m helping manage some of the camp’s ticketing distribution this year. As a result I’ve become an accidental and unwilling expert in the Burning Man ticketing system (which is complex and frustrating to almost no end). So I am offering myself up: If you have any ticket transferring problems, will-call worries, etc., feel free to drop me a line.
I also have a favor to ask, I am searching for a very particular kind of camper to help us solve some of our overall camp ticket needs:
I need to find burners who have 1 or 2 tickets, but no vehicle pass in their burner profile. The caveat is these must be ‘normal’ tickets, they cannot be from the Steward Sale (formerly DGS) or the Burner Express Sale. So mostly people who got in the main sale, FOMO, or other public sales. This person does not need to be in RND to help us out, so if you have friends that fit this bill, please let me know. Appreciate your help as we try to make sure every RND member has the tickets they need to burn with us again.
Thank you,