Red Nose District was informed this weekend that we are being awarded an additional 7 tickets for our RIDE (Radicial Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity) efforts, and 4 additional tickets for our Sustainability efforts. We also have a few additional tickets needing homes, as part of the normal ebb and flow of our camper population and camper plans each year. These are all intended to be directed tickets, so for folks interested in camping with Red Nose District this year.

Have friends? Want to bring them? Know someone looking to try out a new camp? Want to get one of your relatives dusty? Hit me up. We are purchasing 11 tickets this week and they will need homes.

We have room for ticketed guests as well.

We know a number of you are still looking for vehicle passes, so please know we will be checking in with folks listed on the “Need A Ticket” spreadsheet as those become available. For vehicle pass requests, head to the Roll Call spreadsheet and pop your name on there — let us know if you need the link (after you’ve unsuccessfully searched your inbox for ‘roll call’).

Red Nose is currently sitting around 115 campers, so we’ve got an additional 30 available spots. Let’s get those filled, shall we?